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Are you tired of...

>Anxiety holding you back?

>>Living from a place of self-criticism and self-deprecation.

>>>Are you tired of letting your overthinking mind control your life?

>>>>Find out how embodiment can help you take your life back<<<<


Start changing your life through embodiment. Transform your inner dialogue, by creating your own narrative from the inside, and let it ripple outward into your life, career, and relationships.

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Healing offerings

Yoga, meditation, Sound journey 

Guided Relaxation

Indulge in pure bliss and complete relaxation at the 5th OM in Kennebunk. Join us for an extraordinary guided relaxation experience that will transport you to a realm of tranquility.

Embark on a journey into profound relaxation, where the burdens of stress and anxiety effortlessly dissipate. Through the art of mindfulness meditation, gentle non-athletic restorative yoga poses, soothing yoga Nidra, resonant sound healing, and profound embodiment practices, you will be gently led into a state of surrender.

Discover the invaluable skill of allowing your massage's benefits to linger, as you learn to guide your body and mind into a profound state of unwinding. Our transformative experience is equivalent to four hours of rejuvenating R.E.M sleep, ensuring you emerge refreshed and revitalized.

No prior experience is necessary; all that's required is your ability to breathe. Join us at the 5th OM to unlock the gateway to sustained relaxation and well-being.

Tuesday August 8th at 6:30 pm.


Sunset Sound Bath
on the beach

Immerse yourself in the serene symphony of the ocean tide and harmonic sound healing on the beach. 


 Embark on a transformative journey of sound and relaxation and

Surrender to the harmonious melodies, meticulously crafted to restore harmony within your body, mind, and soul.


 As you're enveloped in the soothing tones of crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other ethereal instruments, each delicate note washes over you, gently unraveling tension and stress.


As the rhythm resonates through the fibers of your being, you'll experience a profound sense of peace and tranquility, guiding you deeper into a state of blissful surrender leaving behind a renewed sense of clarity, inner calm, and revitalized energy. Let the beach become a sanctuary, a sacred space where you connect with the universal pulse that beats within us all.



Join Kimber,  from Rose wild Alchemy and April, from Heal baby heal  on Gooches beach in Kennebunk, ME for a sound bath like no other. Let the symphony of nature and the healing power of sound, journey within you to discover the depths of your own inner harmony.


Guided Sound Journey

aug 22th.png

Embark on a transformative journey of relaxation and inner exploration through this unique guided sound journey experience. This immersive session seamlessly blends the ancient practices of meditation and sound bath, creating a harmonious fusion that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.



Together, the guided meditation and sound bath weave a seamless tapestry of sensory experiences, enhancing your ability to let go, release tensions, and reconnect with your inner self. The harmonizing frequencies and rhythms work in unison, allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation, heightened self-awareness, and expanded consciousness.


Whether you seek stress relief, emotional balance, spiritual connection, or simply a respite from the busyness of life, This guided sound journey experience offers a transformative and rejuvenating space for you to explore the depths of your being and cultivate inner harmony. Come immerse yourself in this sonic oasis and awaken your true potential for peace, clarity, and self-discovery.

This experience will be held at The Fifth Om in Kennebunk, ME.

Tuesday August 22th at 6:30pm.


My mission to you

Healing starts in the body first, and then it ripples out into our everyday life. The practices of yoga and embodiment help us start that journey.


 As a certified yoga instructor and embodiment coach, I utilizes the powerful tools of mindfulness, embodiment, and breathwork to help clients understand and identify the root causes of anxiety. 

I specializes in trauma-informed yoga, and am passionate about developing a tailored plan/practice to help clients work through symptoms associated with anxiety in a safe approachable way. 

I believe in guiding my students with compassion while also encouraging them to step out of their perceived comfort zone. To me, this is where growth happens!

My personal journey is the road map that helps me guide you. As an instructor, coach, and healer, my goal is to always make you feel more human and less alone. Because I know, first hand,  the strength it takes to heal and overcome what once seemed impossible. 

Let me guide you into a life free from anxiety, panic, and fear. 


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"April is an amazing teacher and her classes are some of my absolute favorite classes that I’ve ever taken. She connects you with your movement and your body in such a gentle, powerful way and she does it all while making you feel confident, safe, and at ease in every pose. She has so much insight and knowledge to share, and really takes the time to get to know each client and help guide them through each pose. I can’t recommend her enough!! If you are looking for someone to help your yoga practice grow, or just to have fun and feel relaxed and restored, April is the best teacher for you"

Liane Souter

"Mindfully Restored is the perfect way to close out your week and welcome the new. It's like a spa day for your senses. April creates a very welcoming & comfortable space & will help your inner light shine a little brighter"

Shaun Gill

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